Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snowy Sisters: A Follow-Up (D)

A while ago I posted some arts of Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and after conducting a sort of experiment (which had mixed findings), I decided to finally paint Elsa, and then I thought, why not, have a sketch version of Anna too.  It's fun to compare the rough version to the finished product.  Here they are!

And there you go!  Elsa is live in living color at last.  It's fun to see how alive they come once you add some colors and such.  Her dress was a labor of love.

P.S.  I promise J is going to post some arts soon!  She has arts happening, she just hasn't been satisfied enough with anything to feel prompted to post them.  But sooooon!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Charles Carmichael Etc. [Incorporating Sunday Sketches] (D)

A few weeks ago we finished watching Chuck (I was a little late to the game on this one).  I liked it a lot, and I miss it a lot, and therefore it inspired some arts.  First, a slew of Sunday Sketches featuring the principal cast over the five seasons:

And, just because it was floating around in my head and therefore demanded to be released, this little portrait of Charah (not the best mash-up name ever, but it's better than Suck....).

The last show that received similar treatment was Alias.  What will be our next binge-watch show???  Time alone will tell...  Stay tuned!!!

(Stay tuned also for more arts from J, I promise she's been working on lots of great things and that I'm not trying to hijack the blog.)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laddie (D)

Once it was January 2013 and I started doing a random piece of fanart of the hero from my favorite Disney movie. Then before I had the chance to finish it my computer screen died, and it was several months before it was fixed. THEN it was several MORE months before I finally sat down and finished it at last!!! And here it is.
I'm glad that 13 months later I still more or less liked the art in the first place. Really it only took two days of work, they just happened to be over a year apart.  This is also I think the one and only piece that I've done from start to finish on MY laptop (with J's old tablet), which is probably why I waited so long to finish it, so I could do it all on here instead of taking it to another machine.

I'm so glad you could finally see the light of day, Al!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sunday Sketches: For Narnia and the North! (D)

Over Christmas and through the start of the New Year I (finally) re-read The Chronicles of Narnia by the inimitable C.S. Lewis.  This naturally inspired lots of more recent character sketches (I did a few about a decade ago, but they were due for an update).  Instead of doing one montage from each book, and in order to avoid redrawing a lot of repeated characters, I decided to do one major splat of all the major characters from the entire series, drawn over the span of several Sundays in January.  Some of the repeated characters blend a little bit into the ones from the next book, but mostly it's a fun, semi-counter-clockwise journey through the chronicles (in their original publication order, which I would say is the preferred order).  I love them so.
If you click for the full view you may get a better idea of who's who and what's what.  I was going to write a chart indicating who everyone is, but that would take forever and be confusing as to how to organize them, and besides, sometimes I like to try to figure out these kinds of things on my own.  Have fun guessing!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Baby For the Drawing (D & J)

We have this baby, and he is a delight.  As for myself I don't think I draw him nearly as much or as often as he deserves, but the time had finally come to immortalize him at this stage in the way that only a digital portrait can.  So here it is, The Boy, happy as can be, at approximately 8 months:

And now, a word from the mother of this child:

I must confess that I also do not draw this baby as much as I should.  Of course there are lots of things I think I should ("should") be doing, but this is one thing I REALLY think I should do more.  As for cleaning the baseboards, well, I'll let those wait.  Anyway, I recently colored up a little doodle from a while ago.  Sometimes when he is asleep he lays on the boppy pillow like this, with his legs scrunched up and his bum out and his hands by his face.  It's one of my very, very favorite things that he does, and it will be a sad day when he grows out of it.  Baby proportions are still a tricky business, but I like how this one turned out. 

But at least now I've made record of it!  Also, I love these jammies.  Claws on the toes??  Come on.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowy Sisters (D)

It's high time I did some more Frozen art!  It's been running around my head for ages, I just never took the time to put them down.  But now I have!  Here are a couple that I've been working on in Photoshop for that last little while.

Sisters do as sisters should.  I love the snow.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pushing Daisies At Last (D and J)

About half a year ago we were ever so glad to introduce our offspring to the world.  As is often the case with newborns, we had a lot of downtime during which to watch a lot of TV shows and movies.  After a few recommendations, we decided to watch the sadly short-lived Pushing Daisies, which we enjoyed very much.  Then, these naturally happened, though for some reason they have not seen the internet-light of day until now (don't ask me why, it's been sitting on my desktop waiting to be posted for over three months).  So, here are our sketchbook tributes (which may or may not have been sketched on a Sunday) to a show that ended long before its time.
I think I could probably draw these characters a hundred times and never get bored, but for some reason I haven't drawn them since the summer.  I probably should do some more, especially since I think some of them could turn out a little better than they did here (especially Chuck, I didn't make her nearly wide-eyed or charming enough).  I love the aunts though.

And now, I turn the reins over to J to present hers:

Here's mine!