Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Sketches -- Family of Three (D)

I realized a while ago that I hadn't done that many drawings of our little family of three, especially as it was well on its way to becoming a family of four, so I did some over the last couple of months.  It's hard to quite capture this little guy's big (and getting bigger) personality, but I see a lot of him in these.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Sketches -- Disney Un-Disneyed IX (D)

(I guess I didn't post it early after all, ha.  But not late either!)

And thus we come to the close of the Disney Un-Disneyed Sunday Sketches.  I didn't do art for EVERY source material book/story, but I think I did most of them, at least the human characters and the most well-known ones.  This was a really fun project, not only for the reading, but also the drawing/designing.  I would like to color all of these eventually.
The Frog Prince (reviews here, here and here)

Rapunzel (reviews here, here, here and here)

The Snow Queen (reviews here and here)
The end!  And they all lived happily ever after.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunday Sketches -- Disney Un-Disneyed VIII (D)

My Disney Un-Disneyed Sunday Sketches series is fast finally coming to a close!  I really thought I would have these all posted by the end of 2014, but oh well, life happened and there you have it.  This is an interesting set of fellows, the first of which is a stretch for this series in the first place (and it took a few tries to get his look just right, thanks to J for helping me figure it out, as well as the strategic placement of props), and the third I didn't even know was based on a book in the first place.  The second turned out just how I thought it would.
The Emperor's New Clothes (review here)
Treasure Island (review here)

A Day With Wilbur Robinson (review here)
Almost done!  I don't think I'll wait until next Monday to post the last set, so stay tuned for those very soon!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Sketches -- Disney Un-Disneyed VII (D)

We've both just finished a big 30 day drawing challenge, so I haven't really had the chance even to post a few more Sunday Sketches, but we're all done now, so maybe I can finally finish posting these. This set features some of my favorites of the whole series.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (review here)
Hercules (reviews here and here)
Fa Mulan (reviews here, here and here)
And, because the final number was not a multiple of three, one bonus to round out the '90s:
Tarzan of the Apes (reviews here and here)
That's it for now.  We're getting pretty close to the end of the lineup!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Commission: Ron and Nikki (D)

Time for a little break from the Disney Un-Disneyed series. This is a commission via ArtCorgi that I did a few weeks ago for a fellow to give to his ladyfriend for their anniversary/Christmas.  (Which causes me to realize now that I've never even posted my previous commission through them...  Maybe I'll post that one first.)  It was supposed to be inspired by The Princess and the Frog, but also be (more or less) an original design.  I like how it turned out, and it actually looks quite a bit like them!  I'm always surprised when that happens.
Happy anniversary, Ron and Nikki!  This is one of my favorite Disney movies too. :)

Commission: David and Tianna (D)

A few months ago I received a commission request from ArtCorgi, and I just now realized that I haven't posted it yet.  Time to backtrack!  This was a fun project and was reportedly well-received by the young lady pictured.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday Sketches -- Disney Un-Disneyed VI (D)

(^ Oops, I guess not!)

Hey! It's Christmastime! So to celebrate... I'm going to post a few more Disney Un-Disneyed Sunday Sketches! Because that's what Christmas is all about (?). Heading through the '90s now! The middle one is kind of a stretch, but since The Lion King is (loosely but also exactly) based on Hamlet, it seemed like that would be a fun addition to the series.
Aladdin (reviews here and here)
Hamlet, for The Lion King (review here)

Pocahontas (reviews here and here)

Merry Christmas, everyone! (And at this point I'm actually almost done with this series, so I'm just doing some catching up now!)