Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- 27 February 2011

It's been a few weeks, but we're back with more Sunday Sketches!

On Saturday night we watched the Irish animated film, The Secret of Kells.  It was a pretty remarkable movie, and the next morning I sort of couldn't stop thinking about it.  The result is this:

The shapes and and colors of the characters in this movie were just so unique and interesting to look at.  Aisling is such a great character.  And now we want a white kitty to name Pangur Bán.  It inspired some Kells art by J as well:

Okay, so I only did one Kells character.  I just can't remember the look of animated people (especially after one viewing) the way the Mister can.  We saw Deathly Hallows again this week so I spent most of the time drawing the trio looking kind of angsty.  That movie is so good.  

(Also I really would like a white kitty too, but I think my favorite name is still Waffles.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Ball That Bounces

And now for something completely different...

As many of you know, my study in college was animation, and my emphasis was traditional, hand-drawn animation.  I took the required 3D animation classes, but they were just never my thing.  I would just rather use my hands and draw all day than model and troubleshoot every frame.  It's been over five years since I graduated from college, and my current employment unfortunately doesn't allow for a whole lot of animation in the traditional sense, but I do have a little bit of downtime when I work on improving my skills on the graphics programs.  One day I decided it had been way too long since I did some animation, so I decided to go WAY back to the VERY basics, and dug into my memories of Intro to Animation to do one of the classic animation exercises:  The bouncing ball.  This is a very common practice for animation students, and gives a chance to work on the principles of squash & stretch and timing, and allows for some creativity as to what the ball is made of, how and how much it bounces, etc.  For this one I went pretty simple and made it pretty squishy. (What's it made of, you ask?  Um, goo.)  While I usually used paper and pencil in the past, my current resources include Flash and a nice tablet, so that's what I used for this project.

So there you have it!  My classmates might feel some proxy shame that I'm proud enough of a recently-produced bouncy ball project to publish it online, but I was just pretty excited to be animating anything at all again, and while it's rough, I think it's fun and a little bit of a different post for the blog.  And now I feel kind of inspired to do more (and more complex) animation!  Basic human figures, you're not too far off...

(By the way, this is just one sequence of bouncing that works best on a loop, but I have looped it a few times in the video so you can see its movement more smoothly without having to restart it.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hogwarts Kids for Christmas

Occasionally we do commissioned artwork or requests.  A very good friend wanted drawings of her kids as Hogwarts students for last Christmas, and we couldn't possibly refuse, since 1) she's a very good friend, as I said, and 2) we obviously just love Harry Potter.  In this case we traded services rather than moneys (see the photo to the right under "About Pen and Pencil").  I did the sketches and some of the digital coloring, then passed them on to J to finesse the shading and highlights, do some  detail stuff and work on the composition and backgrounds.
Lily first wanted to be Gryffindor but later fancied herself a Ravenclaw.  Easy peasy.
Holden makes a fine Slytherin.  It's all in the gleam in his eyes.
We tried a few different ideas with the backgrounds, but in the end a parchment style was requested, the better to fit the theming and framing.  We haven't seen them fully framed and matted, but we have heard they were a big hit on Christmas morning.

Friday, February 4, 2011