Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harry 2010

In the excitement leading up to the release of the latest Harry Potter movie, and during some down time during the workday, I decided to brush up on some Photoshop skills and work with layers and gradients and such.  It had been a while since I drew Mr. Potter, and I wanted to try some different ideas with color and mood, so I made a very blue and very angsty (and slightly older) Harry, hopefully evoking some of the overwhelming despair that permeates throughout the final chapter of the series.
Harry 2010, Digital Art

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Princess

With the holidays and things being so busy, I haven't had much time for arts of late. So instead of posting about something new, I thought I'd go back to something of mine that is still fairly recent. (Hopefully I'll be starting something new quite soon...I have several things in my queue.)

Anyway, so I'm a member of deviant art and I'm a member of a few groups there, primarily Harry Potter groups. They have contests and things, and it's just a way to see what lots of people are coming up with. I don't generally participate, but when there was a contest to depict your original Hogwarts characters, I couldn't resist.

This is Fantasia Hyacinth Orchidius Splendiferousness, Princess of Flim Flammery Land. Her friends call her Roxanne

Okay, I readily admit that I was poking fun at the fangirl propensity to give OCs the most ridiculous names (along with equally ridiculous personality traits and histories). I just couldn't resist. Mr. G. and I did come up with some, shall we say, colorful characters for her to interact with, and they'll be popping up here at some point in the future.

Anyway, everytime I look at this I'm pleased because it just looks so FINISHED. Of course there are always things that can be poked at and adjusted, but on the whole it looks exactly how I want, especially the coloring. If I can ever come across such a giant stack of giant books, you can be sure I will sit right down on them and wait for someone to take my picture.

(Hurrah, my first post here! Seriously, we have been talking about doing this for MONTHS.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Frogs

To start things off, here's one of our first joint ventures.  When we saw Disney's The Princess and the Frog together, we loved it immediately.  J was so taken with the film, in fact, she wanted me to draw us as frogs, as a sort of character study and a fun challenge, just to see how it would turn out.

Once the sketch was finished and scanned, she took to Photoshop, and came up with a couple of variations.  This softer, lineless piece is probably our preferred version:

Little Frogs, Pen/Digital Art
My dislike of frogs in general is, of course, well-documented, and is made evident by my expression of disgust at my slimy exterior (though some would retort, "It is not slime, it is mucus!").  I like how J's expression turned out though, it seems so her.  It's all in the smiley eyes.

* Note the signature of "G '10".  This single initial, or some variant of it, is how our joint projects will usually be labeled, for those who are curious how to tell, though they'll usually be indicated as such in the text or caption.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Once there was a husband-and-wife team of artists.  When it came to drawing, he usually opted for pen, and her preferred medium was pencil.  They thought it would be a good idea to share their artwork with the world in some kind of online fashion.  After talking about a few different internet venues, they decided to start an art blog to post some of their work, old and new, rough and polished, hand-drawn and digital, individual and joint.  This blog is that project.

It is the sincere hope that you will all enjoy what you see here and feel free to post your thoughts, feeling, critiques, etc., in the comments under each entry.   You are invited to visit regularly, and to share what you see with your friends, family and any other various loved ones.