Thursday, November 30, 2017

Disney Un-Disneyed In Color VIII (D)

I forgot that when I posted the sketches of these I included Tarzan with the previous batch, so he'll float into this group time time instead. Really close to the end with these!  Sketch versions here (and here).
Golden-haired Jane!
This one is still a stretch but it's a fun addition to the series anyway.

Do you see what I see in the background? 
This one is always tricky because it's Disney Un-Disneyed but also Joyce Un-Joyced.

See you next week!  When it will be December. o.O

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cars 3ple (D)

Over the weekend I also finally watched Cars 3, which had 90% less Mater than the second one and was therefore 90% better. Then I started thinking what the characters would look like as humans, while trying not to be too influenced by their vo. I'm not so hot at drawing automobiles but I am into character design.

Here are the sketches with their automotive alter-egos. Is this how you would picture them as humans?

Commission: Lindsey / Ellie & Mac (D)

This is a commission I did for Lindsey, the brain and hands and beating heart of Ellie & Mac, thanks to whom I've been blessed with a long string of work over the last few months. Like I posted over the weekend, I've had some commission drama lately, but Lindsey has always been a model client, and nothing says personalized like a one-of-a-kind profile picture portrait.
Here are some of the lineart pieces I've done for her designs:

It's been fun and different to jump into the world of online sewing/patterning/fashion!

By the way, stay tuned, I'll be announcing something exciting regarding commissions very soon!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Disney Un-Disneyed In Color VII (D)

It's definitely been a while but here's the next batch.  I hope you're ready for some drama!
Props to J for the inspired background idea.

Beast mode activated!!!

Please forgive my Chinese character work.  I did my best.
I'm rounding the corner for the end-of-year rush!

Tribute To Lost Potential (D)

The other  night we finally gave BatB '17 a second chance and I still was barely whelmed. Emma Watson just looks so bored the whole time. Well, she alternates between smug and bored. Alas for lost potential.  Anyway, I remembered I started a sketch of Actual Belle in New Belle's wedding dress some time ago so it was a good time to finish it up, add a couple more and throw color at them. You can tell by the sizes here my preference order.
Actual Belle looks better in this costumes than Movie Belle (sorry, Hermione)
And then while I was at it, this has been on my honey-draw list for a long time now, based on a favorite misheard song lyric. Do you get it?
Waiting by a something something.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Marvel Manhair (D)

After Inktober (post coming soon!) it was time to get back in the swing of things on Instagram, starting with #manhairMonday.  I haven't seen the new Thor yet but we caught part of the second one on TV the other night, which led to this sketch. Tony and Cap naturally followed and so I present Marvel Dudes With Decreasing Amounts of Hair. These were fun.
And then I painted it.  I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the brush changes on the latest Photoshop update.
Digital oils FTW!  Much less messy than the real thing.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Commission: Paul and Carrie (D)

Okay, one more commission via ArtCorgi just so I can be caught up. This was going to be a pretty standard engagement gift but I tried to up my game with some tilt shift and pushing for a more interesting pose and a last-second addition of the skyline's reflection (which should have been obvious, but oh well). He really liked it, I can only assume she does too. XD
Paul and Carrie, October 2017

ArtCorgi Fitness Commissions (D)

One more and I'll be (more or less!) caught up.  I recently updated my offered styles on ArtCorgi to include simpler, dynamic options, such as these, each commissioned by their significant others:
To Rachel, from Michael

To Someone, from Aly
They were quicker and fun and you can always count on dancers and athletes for dynamic poses.

ArtCorgi Couple Commissions (D)

(Wrote this almost a week ago and forgot to publish over the weekend!  Bah.)

I'm a little behind in posting stuff here (you can always find up-to-date posts on Instagram @drewgrahamart and @hinkypunkstation) but then I can post a few at once!  Apparently I'm one of a few go-to ArtCorgi artists clients pick for engagement/anniversary gifts, which is a niche I'm more than happy to fit into.
March 2017, Aaron and Jennifer.  In the photo they sent this looked great as a canvas print!
April 2017, Lee and wife.  It was great to do a different style.

June 2017, Eric and Molly.  Apparently he commissioned a few artists and picked the one he liked best (which wasn't mine but that's okay).
I have a few more, ArtCorgi and otherwise, but these will do for now!