Thursday, March 17, 2011

Legolas 3/17...and then some

When last we met to talk about Legolas, he did not have a complete torso and I was out of sandpaper. In the meanwhile I'm sure you all thought I had stopped working on Legolas and was too ashamed to post about my lack of progress. But tis not so!
This is actually a really out of date continue to be in suspense until I post an update on him again. I'm hoping that he'll be done in another week or so. But then again, I haven't worked on it much this week. I tried on Monday but he was not cooperating and after my lead broke I sent him to the corner. I haven't worked on it since but I did do this tonight:
I haven't done much computer art this year at all so it's nice to mess around with colors again. One of my art goals for the year is to get better with contrast. Contrast has always kind of been my foil, but I think I made some strides with this. Looking at this one kind of makes me laugh at the version I did last June (that I loved at the time). That's a good sign right? I suppose I can look forward to snickering at this one next year.

Here's to progress and here's to finishing Legolas!