Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday Sketches: Brave Style (D & J)

We saw Brave on Friday night, and it was good!  Not great, but good.  Regardless, whatever faults I found with this movie (though I did like it), Merida's memorable character and feisty personality definitely added interest and spark to the story, and she naturally found her way onto the pages of my sketchbook the following Sunday.  This is my third or fourth attempt at Merida, but one of very few that I did since seeing the movie, and the first one I've been satisfied with.  Sometimes CG characters can be a little challenging to get just right with hand-drawn materials, but I think I managed to get her attitude and character a little here.
And now I will turn the time over to the Wifels.

So, yes, we saw Brave and I liked it well enough and it was pretty and whatever. Sometimes when we are both drawing I just copy whatever theme Drew is drawing so when he started drawing Merida (again) I decided to give it a whirl myself.  And what do you know, I was happy with how she turned out.

So happy with it, in fact, that I colored it later that night.  Side note: my poor tablet has become quite dusty of late.  It was happy to be used.  Anyway, the colored version also turned out just as I'd hoped.  Win-win-win!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Princess Charlotte (D)

This has been in the works for months!  Ever since I did my Tiana portrait I've wanted to do a sort of companion piece of Charlotte.  In my head it was such an interesting contrast to Tiana, in character and color and feeling, so I thought it would be a fun project.  And then it finally happened and turned out just how I pictured it!  An explosion of pink!
Princess Charlotte, digital
It wasn't as difficult to get her look right as it was with Tiana six months ago, though a little research proved again helpful.  I don't think her wonderfully absurd dress is quite poofy enough, but I didn't want it to overwhelm the canvas too much.  Oh, Lottie, you'll get your prince one day.  You're certainly driven enough!

Like I did last time, just for fun, here's the black and white outline version.  You can color your own!  I'm sure back in the day when I loved coloring books I could only dream that one day I would be able to make my very own.  (Though my crayons these days are a little more sophisticated.)
Princess Charlotte (B&W), digital