Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- Dancing Princesses (and a Random Pirate Captain)

A little while ago we posted our submissions for a coloring context celebrating the release of Entwined.  Though J was awarded Honorable Mention, we sadly didn't win, but we bought a copy right away anyway.  We both really enjoyed it  (you can read my glowing review here), and today I just felt inspired to draw, well, the entire principal cast.  J has also done some beautiful character sketches that perhaps will be posted at a later date.  I loved all the characters, and although there were many (twelve sisters are quite a handful), they were all so distinct and evenly-handled.

You should read the book so you will know who all these delightful characters are.  It was magical and mysterious and all that.  Some of them turned out on paper exactly as I pictured them in my head!  And most of them even look like sisters.  Maybe we're among the first to do fanart for this book!

And now for good measure, not at all in the same vein, and just because we recently saw the new (so-so) Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I present my very first-ever drawing of Captain Jack Sparrow.
Aye, avast!