Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laddie (D)

Once it was January 2013 and I started doing a random piece of fanart of the hero from my favorite Disney movie. Then before I had the chance to finish it my computer screen died, and it was several months before it was fixed. THEN it was several MORE months before I finally sat down and finished it at last!!! And here it is.
I'm glad that 13 months later I still more or less liked the art in the first place. Really it only took two days of work, they just happened to be over a year apart.  This is also I think the one and only piece that I've done from start to finish on MY laptop (with J's old tablet), which is probably why I waited so long to finish it, so I could do it all on here instead of taking it to another machine.

I'm so glad you could finally see the light of day, Al!