Friday, September 30, 2016

Think of Never Dying (D)

We've been watching/listening to a lot of Phantom this week.
Special thanks to Sierra Boggess, a.k.a. the best Christine ever.

Here are a few older sketches that I ran across the other day.  I was so into this movie when it was new.
So much hair, so much poof.
Everyone knows these two are the real stars of the show.
Never change, Raoul.
SAY you love her... "You know I do" isn't the same thing.

We had way too much fun and laughed way too much while watching this, but I guess things change over time.

Friday, September 16, 2016

19 Years [Or So] Later... (D)

I recently read the latest Harry Potter "story" (no comment) but whatever the case may be, it prompted me to finally draw some of these second generation people.
Oh, the angst.

They were fun, and anyway at least they're canon.

I Don't Care (D)

Gestures (with just a pop of color) based on basically my new life theme song.

Detail of the Big Finish
Sing it, Judy.

Herc's New Look (D)

So the Olympics kept me thinking about Hercules and it'd been forever since I drew him (though goodness knows I drew him plenty back in the day, though very ill indeed I'm sure), so:
 And then I thought he looked lonely so:
 And I was thinking it was probably time for him to get a trim since his style was looking a bit dated:

(along with a couple other hairy fellows, including some sketches of yours truly on various mornings)
And THEN I thought I should flip him back the way I drew him in the first place and give him the whole marble bust treatment since he seemed to be asking for it:
Thanks for everything, Herc, it's been a real slice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fresh figure drawings for August 2016 (D)

Here's the latest batch of figure drawings.  It's been fun to scour Instagram for ready and willing (if unaware) models.  There are sure a lot of them out there.
Ref: Google and Instagram @usawomensgymnastics 

Ref: YouTube (because I couldn't quite find a pose I wanted to draw until I watched a video and paused it)

Ref: Instagram @nbcolympics and @olympics (and it was harder to find good reference photos there than you'd think)

Ref: Instagram #fitnessart > @dimitris_moros 

Ref: Instagram @tata_che_art, @apmmillions,@monique__lewis, @fl0wi_ 

Ref : Instagram @whatdemiwore, @sunnyboy_mo, @satobermeo, @fitnessta, @milo800/@onymodels, @nick_sandell, @cassius30, @dimakireew, @florianbornschier

 Until next month!