Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Sketches -- A Journey To the Enderverse (D)

I recently finished reading Orson Scott Card's Ender series.  I enjoyed some of the books more than others (you can find and read my reviews here), but I still was pretty invested in the story throughout.  Yesterday when I put pen to paper, my sketchbook was suddenly filled with a bunch of these characters:
Most of them actually turned out how I picture them.  Fans and/or readers may or may not recognize who all of these are, but they're characters that appear in one or all of the four books.  (How many can YOU identify, Enderfans??)  I'm kind of burned out on Orson Scott Card at the moment after this pretty heavy science-fiction (not generally my genre of choice), but I was glad to get to know these characters in the meantime, and now to have them down on paper.  Ender's Game was my favorite of the four, and I'm interesting to see how the movie will turn out next year.  One of these days or years I'll read the Shadow series too, I'm told those ones are pretty good.


  1. So my husband and I just had some fun playing guess who with these pictures, and I must confess a total failure. We agreed that the trio on top is Peter, Ender and Valentine, and if that IS Ender, that is totally what I pictured, but we couldn't find Bean or Petra or many of the others anywhere. Please label these. I'm dying to know who is who.
    Also, you really should read the shadow series. I haven't read the additional ender books, but I've read all the shadow books, and enjoyed them completely.

    1. Well, you guessed right on the ones you agreed on! I won't give the whole game away just yet, but I will give you this hint: The only ones actually from Ender's Game are the three you guessed, as well as the older gentleman immediately below them on the left (who was added as an afterthought). The other kids from that first book were kind of out of mind by the time I read the rest of the series. All the rest are characters that appear in one or all of the next three books. Then the trick is that three of the characters appear twice (one of them three times!) in different ages/incarnations, and a couple of them actually line up vertically with their counterparts. Hopefully that helps!