Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potter Through the Years: A Retrospective (D)

It's Harry's birthday!  To celebrate, we wore Potter shirts, had Full English Breakfast for dinner, watched a few Olympic events from London, ate cake and watched the final installment of our epic week-long HP moviethon.  That is a lot of minutes spent watching movies, but we enjoyed them all very much as always.  I decided to do a daily drawing of each of the trio during every movie to show them through the years, which would then be ready to post on 31 July.  It was kind of a challenge to age them just a year each time, but it was fun, and I really like how a lot (not quite all) of them turned out.  For all the times I've drawn these kids, I was surprised that there were a few variations among these that I had never done (like Kitty Hermione and Chess-Lovin' or Love-Struck Ron, and maybe even Prophecy Harry).

The Boy Who Lived!
Weasley Is Our King!
The Cleverest Witch of Her Age!
Seven magical years!  Splendid.  Happy birthday, Harry!  (You too, JK.)

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