Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday Sketches -- Thomas the Third (D)

As I continue my epic Year of Hardy, I have another round of characters from the next three books (previous posts here and here have art from the first six novels).  Here are a few drawings that were done on Sundays from August to October.  These kind of run the gamut as far as my reactions go, from one I liked pretty well to one I thought was so-so to one I loved.

Those Loveday Boys, or, Beware Fess Derriman and That Sassy Matilda!
Paula the Powerful, or, What's a Laodicean Anyway?*
 Two On a Tower (1882)
Tabitha Too, Just Because, or, Yes, the Tower Is a Character Too

* By now I know what a Laodicean is, of course, but before I read it, the reference was forgotten and therefore lost on me.

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