Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Sketches -- Merida and Mum (D)

When I first saw Brave, I thought it was pretty, but it didn't really amaze me or anything, though I thought I would probably like it better the second time. So then when it was released on DVD and we watched it again, I realized I had thought right. It's still not my favorite Pixar movie, but I liked it a lot more the second time (and Merida had grown on me a little more earlier on, and didn't seem like SUCH a brat for almost the entire movie this time, ha ha). So then not yesterday but the Sunday before I did some sketches of Merida and her dear mum, Kenai Elinor.
That foreshortened piece with the bow and arrow isn't fantastic or anything, but it turns out that angle and pose can be challenging to achieve (truth be told, that was my second take at it...  thanks for letting me erase my sketchy attempts that I drew over anyway, Photoshop).

Cheeeange yerr feeeat!


  1. I love the bear :) They are awesome, and I will have to show Lily- she'll be more then a wee bit excited!

  2. Cool! I also like the bear. I think you should paint some colors onto these.

  3. We just watched Brave for the second time, and I had the same experience you did. Merida didn't bug me nearly as much. :)