Monday, March 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge, Part 1 (D)

About a month ago my sister initiated a 30 day art challenge, which J and I decided would be fun to participate in too!  (Details can be seen here.)  So for the last 30 days (minus one day, during which I worked on the Valentine's Day art in the previous post) I have been working my way through all the prompts.  For these I opted to do them all in Photoshop.  Rather than posting them individually, I thought it would be better to wait until the end when I was all finished and post them all at once.  And now, as of Saturday night, I am all done, so here they are!
Click on it to make it big!
(They can also be seen individually and with brief descriptions here.)

It was a great challenge, sometimes pushing me pretty far out of my comfort zone, trying things that I never had/would have drawn otherwise, which I suppose was largely the point.  I learned a lot and it was really fun, and it gave me a LOT of ideas for other arts based on these themes for when I need some fresh inspiration.

J is working her way through these too at a slightly more relaxed pace, but she's just about halfway through so far, and she'll surely post hers here as well when she's done.

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