Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Draw It Again!

For my June pencil drawing, I decided to revisit some familiar territory.  Back in 2002, I spent most of Black Friday drawing this portrait of Boromir on giant paper.  Look at this slightly blurry, partial photo of it:

Obviously this was back in the day when I 1) drew on giant paper and 2) could do a whole giant drawing in one day.  Now I am slower and smaller and...better?  Well, I thought another Boromir portrait would turn out AMAZING by comparison and in the end he just turned out okay:

When I finished, I realized that he looked like cartoon Boromir.  His face is off, and I think I COULD fix it, but with pencil there's always the risk of ruining it, especially since my paper doesn't erase very well.  So...this is where my Boromir drawing skills will stand, for possibly another twelve years (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). 

I do like how his clothing turned out and it's always fun doing LOTR characters.  Maybe some more will pop up before the end of the year.  Maybe even some...Thorin...?  MAYBE.


  1. I believe you'd like 'Entwined' by Heather Dixon!

    1. We have both read it and enjoyed it! Heather is a friend of mine from school.

      (And if you hadn't commented anonymously this might actually reach you, but... oh well.)