Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fresh figure drawings for August 2016 (D)

Here's the latest batch of figure drawings.  It's been fun to scour Instagram for ready and willing (if unaware) models.  There are sure a lot of them out there.
Ref: Google and Instagram @usawomensgymnastics 

Ref: YouTube (because I couldn't quite find a pose I wanted to draw until I watched a video and paused it)

Ref: Instagram @nbcolympics and @olympics (and it was harder to find good reference photos there than you'd think)

Ref: Instagram #fitnessart > @dimitris_moros 

Ref: Instagram @tata_che_art, @apmmillions,@monique__lewis, @fl0wi_ 

Ref : Instagram @whatdemiwore, @sunnyboy_mo, @satobermeo, @fitnessta, @milo800/@onymodels, @nick_sandell, @cassius30, @dimakireew, @florianbornschier

 Until next month!

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