Friday, October 21, 2016

Fresh Figure Drawings for September 2016 (D)

Time for another batch of digital Figure Drawing Friday selections!

Ref: Instagram @annaeannae@m.y.hulk_,@jaycottz1988@demien.coccioli,@kazvanderwaard 

Ref: Instagram Top Posts under #yoga > @dylanwerneryoga,@angelchristian_wellness@lindsayell,@kinoyoga and gypsyon__ 

Ref: Instagram @whereihandstand

Ref: Instagram #fallfitness > @robertbrace and @getvigorous / #fallfashion > @martamccue and @taleneshahinian 

Ref: Instagram @annaeannae

There's a gold mine of free figure drawing models out there.  Live is better, but these are definitely better than nothing!

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