Friday, February 3, 2017

Fresh Figure Drawings for January 2017 (D)

Lots of collages this month!  In case you're interested you can always follow along with these weekly on Instagram @drewgrahamart.
It was the 6th of January after all.
Inspired by the passing of James C. Christensen, a favorite artist from my formative years.
In recognition of my Gold's/VASA membership expiring.  Ref: Instagram > #VASAfitness > various
Detail from the previous because I liked how loose and gestural it turned out.  Ref: Instagram #VASAfitness > @tycoy/@jeremyquerido
Good month!  What to do today?

P.S.  How long did it take me to sign my arts the right year after it changed?  Almost a month, that's how long.

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