Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ArtCorgi Couple Commissions (D)

(Wrote this almost a week ago and forgot to publish over the weekend!  Bah.)

I'm a little behind in posting stuff here (you can always find up-to-date posts on Instagram @drewgrahamart and @hinkypunkstation) but then I can post a few at once!  Apparently I'm one of a few go-to ArtCorgi artists clients pick for engagement/anniversary gifts, which is a niche I'm more than happy to fit into.
March 2017, Aaron and Jennifer.  In the photo they sent this looked great as a canvas print!
April 2017, Lee and wife.  It was great to do a different style.

June 2017, Eric and Molly.  Apparently he commissioned a few artists and picked the one he liked best (which wasn't mine but that's okay).
I have a few more, ArtCorgi and otherwise, but these will do for now!

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