Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hogwarts Kids for Christmas

Occasionally we do commissioned artwork or requests.  A very good friend wanted drawings of her kids as Hogwarts students for last Christmas, and we couldn't possibly refuse, since 1) she's a very good friend, as I said, and 2) we obviously just love Harry Potter.  In this case we traded services rather than moneys (see the photo to the right under "About Pen and Pencil").  I did the sketches and some of the digital coloring, then passed them on to J to finesse the shading and highlights, do some  detail stuff and work on the composition and backgrounds.
Lily first wanted to be Gryffindor but later fancied herself a Ravenclaw.  Easy peasy.
Holden makes a fine Slytherin.  It's all in the gleam in his eyes.
We tried a few different ideas with the backgrounds, but in the end a parchment style was requested, the better to fit the theming and framing.  We haven't seen them fully framed and matted, but we have heard they were a big hit on Christmas morning.

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  1. They really were a hit! My kids loved them. And they got wands that match too. You guys are amazing!