Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- 27 February 2011

It's been a few weeks, but we're back with more Sunday Sketches!

On Saturday night we watched the Irish animated film, The Secret of Kells.  It was a pretty remarkable movie, and the next morning I sort of couldn't stop thinking about it.  The result is this:

The shapes and and colors of the characters in this movie were just so unique and interesting to look at.  Aisling is such a great character.  And now we want a white kitty to name Pangur Bán.  It inspired some Kells art by J as well:

Okay, so I only did one Kells character.  I just can't remember the look of animated people (especially after one viewing) the way the Mister can.  We saw Deathly Hallows again this week so I spent most of the time drawing the trio looking kind of angsty.  That movie is so good.  

(Also I really would like a white kitty too, but I think my favorite name is still Waffles.)


  1. I love that movie- I think I told you, but Josh told me to tell you to watch it ages ago and I completely spaced it. It really does stick with you. Tyler got bored- he might have even fallen asleep. I was thinking about showing it to Lily, but I haven't decided if it is to intense or if she'd just get bored. As usual I like all the sketches- and if you get a white kitty, Lily would inform you that its name has to be Marie.....

  2. I really liked this movie, as well as your drawings! I thought of Julie right away when I saw that kitty in the movie. After watching the show, we did a little research into the actual book of kells, and it was really interesting indeed.

    That girl's hair is just so lovely.

  3. Oh, also, some people on the reviews of netflix were likening this movie to anime... Pfft.

  4. oh my cute.. please get a kitty and name it waffle. i love that.