Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legolas. And some options.

Legolas is pretty much done. And yet he is not complete. Take a look.
No matter how much I try to plan this from the beginning, my drawings rarely wind up centered on the page. Thus, I have a history of making things look centered, or at least intentionally off center. In the past I've done lines (here and here) and maps (here). And now along comes Legolas. Lines won't work for him because he's got that line from the bow string happening. I originally planned on a map but will that look good? Here are the options, as I see them:
  • Figure out some kind of line system.
  • Cut the paper (this feels like cheating).
  • Do some kind of map.
  • Stop spazzing about it and just let him be done.
He's been at this stage since the start of April and I have yet to make a decision. Of course the last, most horrible option of all is to keep drawing and give him more body until I get to the bottom of the page. I call this horrible because let me tell you, this whole Legolas project was so much harder to finish than I expected. I whined, I got angry and I won't deny that I cried about it more than once. I used to have so much more time to devote to these kinds of projects so now that I don't it just went on FOREVER and for so long it seemed like I didn't make any progress at all. So...I just don't want to add to him. At least not now. So I guess I could add one more option.
  • Leave him at this stage indefinitely until I feel like adding more to his person.
So, Internet, what do you think? Give me guidance! To make it extra easy I'm going to add a poll. Help!

(PS: Sorry that picture is so crummy.)


  1. I don't think cutting the paper is cheating at all! I might cut to "crop" him out not just to center him, but also shave just a teensy bit off the top and bottom too. Wow, you are talented! That one of Natalie Portman is stunning, too!

  2. Wow, looking good!

    Cropping paper not cheating. If it were me I'd finish him first, then crop to center. That's wot I think :D