Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wife in London Rain

Just over six months ago, J and I returned from a nine-week stay in London.  J had been selected to do an on-site project for work, and as I work remotely, I was able to pack up my equipment and tag along.  We had a glorious time, and although we were both working full time, we had plenty of time during our evenings and weekends to sightsee and take in so much of what England has to offer.  It had always been a dream of J's to visit, and we had a nice couple of months to at least approach getting our fill (for now!).  We thought there might have been a chance to return at some point in the near future, but it seems that won't be happening anytime VERY soon, but I thought I would post this piece in fond remembrance of our stay in London, and the indelible impression it has forever left on us.

This project falls under "professional development" (random, fun projects done during downtime at work to become ever more acquainted with the graphics programs I use daily), as on one occasion, I was inspired by J, her love of London and a recently-acquired touristy souvenir, and the city's famous rainy late-summer weather.  I feel like I could have worked on this forever and continually found things that need improvement, but at some point I had to call it good.

Wife in London Rain
Created from start to finish in Photoshop.

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  1. I loved seeing this after you guys got back. Really felt a London vibe from it!