Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half Shell Hero

I took a nature appreciation class in college, where I learned so many fascinating things about the animal world, past and present. In that class there was one of Those People who is always asking ridiculous questions. One day the topic was turtles and she raised her hand and asked, "So do they have, like, a little body in there? Can they crawl out of their shell and walk around?" No, young lass, real life is not Looney Tunes and turtles live in their shells. DUH.

The point of that story is that, well, turtles can't crawl out of their shells. But while we're talking about turtles, let's talk Ninja Turtles. They're my original favorite fandom, and I'm still a big fan. Now and then I like to draw the characters as they look in the latest movie (which I love). I use screen shots because, to be honest, I have always been confounded by drawing turtles freehand. Here is my latest TMNT effort:
I did this with my trusty mechanical pencil in my's fun to do something with pencil that isn't as involved or time consuming as M. Legolas. Maybe a little Raphael next...?

PS: It's Leonardo, for you people not in the know.


  1. Oh, I TOTALLY know Leo! That movie is amazing. Super job of this on every aspect! I'd like to take this chance to thank you so much for all of your posts, on this blog and I've spent hours just looking at your art and that alone has helped me tremendously. Keep up the epic work, and God bless!

  2. I totally love it! You are so great at drawing turtles. This reminds me of cheese, smartness, and Waynesville; all great memories! Nice job!