Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Noxons

Several months ago an old friend of mine and his wife tragically lost their twin sons due to complications of premature labor.  He asked me to do a drawing of their family as a surprise for his wife, and I really dragged my feet for a while--how could I approach such a personal and tender subject and give it the care and respect it deserved?  We talked back and forth several times about more complex concepts and other ideas, and finally his persistence paid off.  After a few drafts and a few abandoned ideas, we ended up with this:
The Noxons, Photoshop
Jeff has written a beautiful post on his own blog about the process, from inspiration and development to completion and delivery, which you can read here.  I'm so glad it turned out, and that this family was so pleased with the result.


  1. That was a very emotional and inspiring and heart wrenching blog. Your friend has such amazing, incredible faith, which I am sure Heavenly Father is just so pleased. I am not sure there would be any other way to endure something like that, except with the Lord. I am sure this picture meant so, so much to them, and always will, and I am sure those boys in heaven are grateful as well.

    Whew, just reading the story about the picture made me cry.

  2. Drew, the imagery is beautiful to start with, but after reading your friends' tragic story, it seems like a fitting tribute. I'm very sorry for your friends' loss, but with their faith, it seems as though they've found some comfort. Thank you for sharing!