Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunday Sketches -- Terminus To Thomas (D)

And so, 12 months and 14 excellent books later, the epic Year of Hardy is over.  This batch of Sunday Sketches includes drawings from January and February, featuring character sketches from Thomas Hardy's final two novels, as well as one of the author himself, just to make it another full trio and to pay some kind of tribute to him, which seems fitting after being inside of his head so much over the last year.  It's bittersweet to come to an end, but that's fitting considering the books that finished his novel-writing career.
Those Poor Little Fawleys, or, Psst! Arabella's Hair Is Fake
All the Men Are Jocelyn and All the Ladies Are Avice, or, Three Generations of Drama
And here he is:
The Man Himself, or, Ever So Much Angst
Whatever shall I read now?? Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something.  I may also smash all of these character sketches into one big splat one of these days, but we'll see.

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