Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunday Sketches -- Austen Apotheosis (D)

And now, after two previous posts, I present as Sunday Sketches from August and September my final character sketches from Jane Austen's novels.  These last two are very different from each other, though of course still very JA.

Northanger Abbey (published posthumously in 1818)
That Quixotic Catherine Morland, or, Beware of Any and All Thorpes
Persuasion (published posthumously in 1818)
Not SO Much of the Elliot Pride, or, Whatever Is Captain Wentworth Looking At?

And, to finish things off, a sketch of the authoress herself:
Clever Miss Austen, or, Pity She Herself Never Married

And that's that!  This was a really fun summer reading series, and it's nice to have read all of these classics at least once.  She had such an understanding of people and literature.

* Bonus alternate title of Somehow She's Still Ever So Sensible... Maybe even something about ever so many Charleses.  I just couldn't decide, ha.


  1. Wow. You make her books look- and sound- SO good! Now, to find time to read them. Oh, and you and the missus are GREAT artists! You guys inspired me to draw again! Thank you!

    1. You are most welcome! Thanks for your comments, and for visiting. Be sure to keep checking back for more arts.