Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wee Little Pen People

This weekend we got a new scanner to replace the technological headache that is our old scanner. I tell you, Internet, that Epson does some beautiful scanning. Plus it scans wirelessly which means I can sit in the living room and direct my indentured servant/husband which pages to put in the scanner for me. In conclusion: Epson, you are mighty indeed and I will never betray you again in the name of getting a bargain.

ANYway, would you believe I haven't posted on here since June? What a sad sorry state of affairs. Luckily Mr. Gra-ham has been keeping up with things better than I have on here. Anyhoodle, one of my goals for this year was to a) draw people with bodies and b) draw people with bodies that move. If you haven't noticed, I tend to do a lot of heads and perhaps a little bit o' shoulder. One evening as I began drawing random heads and shoulders, I did some mental manhandling and switched gears. I did a few that night and some more in the weeks that followed. This is what I have to show for myself:
They are all pretty small, only like an inch or two tall (I made the one large in recognition of her being first), which is nice because they are quick and I don't get caught up giving them detailed faces. ALSO, I drew them all in pen. Not using an eraser is a big deal for me. I love erasers. Anyway.

Unfortunately when it comes to poses, my creative juices have run dry of late but STILL. Progress. Right? Right, Internet??


  1. I love the title of this post, as well as the following drawings! It was hard to choose, but my favorites are the middle row, numbers 4 and 5. Nothing can truly top sweatbands and legwarmers. Which one was your favorite?

  2. Those are two of my favorites too! I'm also partial to the flapper dancer on the same row.

  3. I always loved your pictures with movement- the ones I've seen anyway. These are great-with pen too- impressive!

  4. I always thought you did a lot of movement, but maybe that was in your cat people phase. Anyway, love the drawings!