Thursday, September 15, 2011

You know his's Legolas

You know, in case you forgot about this guy. Since we got our new scanner I figured I should finally do a real scan instead of photos. I haven't added anything to him since I posted last. I've had some ideas but nothing really came of them, but I think I'm going mess around with a few ideas in Photoshop. Maybe at last something will come to me!

Anyway, here he is.
Today I discovered the exclusion filter and messed around with it on Legolas. I know it's just a filter but...I kind of can't stop looking at the result. I am, how do you say, fascinated.
So. That's Legolas today. One of my top goals for the year was to finish him and by golly, I'm going to! In some fashion or another! Mlarf.


  1. Wow Julie you are an amazing artist!! It looks so good! and I love the filterd look, it really is amazing to look at. Good work, you should be proud of this accomplishemt
    - Whitney

  2. Julie, That is just amazing, both look so life-like, just as good or better as the one at the end of the 'Return of the King'!

  3. You are an exceptional artist! To proportion things correctly is the hardest part for me, but you seem to know exactly how to do it every time. Fantastic work, and thanks for posting! :) God bless!