Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday Sketches: Men of the Fleet (J)

Here is a fact I have learned over the last two weeks: there are a lot of dudes in Battlestar Galactica.  So, it took twice as long and twice as many pages to draw all these than it did the ladies.  I left off most of the minor fellows, but I think I got everyone that's most important (except you, Zak Adama--oops).  I tell you, I have been living in fear of even attempting Bill Adama or Colonel Tigh.  And what do you know, they slid right out of the pen without a problem.  Anyway, the menfolk of BSG:

Some random stats of this little project: Simon took two tries, Helo took three and poor Leoben took five and I still don't think he turned out.  Ah well.  Overall, my favorites are Admiral Adama, Dr. Cottle and Romo's kitty.  Hah!

Roll call (l-r, t-b): Doral, Cavil, Leoben, Billy, Cottle; Simon, Lampkin (& Lance), Hot Dog, Hoshi, Zarek; Jammer, Tarn, Chief; Gaeta, Crashdown, Helo, Tigh; Gaius, Anderssssssss, Apollo, Adama; Bonus Gaius.  

I thought I should probably draw the actual Galactica at the end of all this:

 Hey, guess who can't draw spaceships?

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  1. So I just started watching it again a little while ago :) These are great- I think I like Zarek and Apollo the best. However the kitty is pretty cute!