Friday, September 21, 2012

Mermaids (D)

Just now that song from Flight of the Conchords started playing in my head...

Anyway, a couple of months ago I was commissioned by a friend (for whom I have done some work before) to do some mermaids for her daughter's bedroom.  Apparently her little one is currently obsessed with mermaids, but the only artwork that seems to be readily available is either Ariel or... not really appropriate for a child's bedroom.  So I did these!  I tried to make them all unique, so I worked with different colors and moods, while trying to make them still look like a series.  I specifically decided to stay away from red hair for obvious reasons, and I was told the intended recipient very much adored the Barbie mermaid movies, so while I didn't exactly want to go for that style, I tried to add a few flourishes they might have, while of course keeping them distinctive in style and design.  This girl now has three totally original mermaids of her very own!
I like how they turned out.  I am rather proud that their tails don't exactly resemble the Disney version of mermaids, ha ha.  (Though I admit that third one has a lot of Ariel in her face.)  I am told the third one is Lily's favorite. which was no surprise.  She actually described very carefully the details she wanted to appear in at least one, and that was it.  I understand that they also were planning on adding extra sparkles and/or glitter post-printing to make them even more sparkly and/or glittery, as befitting a six-year-old girl's bedroom decor.  I can't wait to have a little girl so we can spoil her with original artwork of her own.  (Now watch, she'll just want the Tangled poster from Walmart instead, ha ha.)

P.S.  Thank goodness for bubble brushes.  I'm sure I could have done some myself, and I had thought through a few techniques, but it would have just been much more time-consuming and less uniform.

(Phew!  Finally I have posted these!  J has been prodding me to for months, and I just didn't for some reason.  And now I have.)


  1. My daughter is asking, "Mom are those for me?"

  2. Okay, so you`re probbibly getting REALLY tired of my reviews now, but I love these, and WHAT DRAWING PROGRAM/SOFTWARE DO YOU USE?!?!?

  3. We never mind comments or reviews, so thank you for posting them! For these I used Photoshop CS5.

  4. These pictures look so beautiful. I like how you don't use red hair. Thanks to Ariel,that's all they ever show mermaids as.