Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Sketches: Of Egypt and Mutants

A while ago I made a book reading trade with my sister-in-law where she agreed to read one of my favorite books (My Cousin Rachel) and I read one of her's.  She loved MCR EVER so much (...), and I quite liked her pick, Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.  It's a young adult novel about Mara, a slave girl in Egypt and the political intrigues she gets herself into in her quest for freedom.  It's a fun read, with plenty of Egyptian culture and history in the mix. 

My sister-in-law also requested I do some Sunday sketches of the characters after I read it, and after a few hideous attempts and a BSG delay, they finally happened this week.  I hope they were worth the wait, Sarah!

It's been a while since I read the book so I cannot entirely vouch for their accuracy compared to it but I like how they turned out anyway.  Pay no attention to my faithfulness to Egyptian historical details--or lack thereof!  Left-right/top-bottom they are: Mara, Hatshepsut (in her lady garb); Sheftu, Inanni, Thutmose III; Nahereh and Hatshepsut again (in her pharaoh garb).  I may have exaggerated her love for My Cousin Rachel.  Just a smidge.

And now tis the Husband's turn.   

We rewatched all the X-Men movies last week!  Some of them are awesome and some of them are terrible, and some of them are in between (three "somes" add up to five movies, right?), but in any case, I felt these itching to get out of me shortly after:
And there you have it! Hopefully most of them are pretty self-explanatory (hint: the one with the glasses is Beast. Just kidding).  Probably the one that's least obvious is Storm there on the left, mostly because I think Halle Berry is terrible in the movies, so when I drew her she turned out decidedly UN-Halle Berry-ish.  In the end, really, Wolverine FTW of course, although I do quite love Jean Grey (but not SO much in this drawing).

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