Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sketches -- Wife and Speck (D) (And Also J)

As was announced in the last post, J and I are expecting a wee little one next spring, which we have affectionately taken to calling The (Infamous) Speck (although it's no longer the size of a speck naturally).  J of course is (so far) doing the vast majority of the work in this endeavor, and she's working through like a champ.  A couple weeks ago marked her 20-week point, and we're pretty excited that she's made it more than halfway through (and hopefully through the majority of the pukiness...).  So to honor this most blessed halfway point, I did this little Sunday Sketch-turned-Photoshop painting.
I think she looks so great!  That bump!  And just look at her glow.

Also, as a bit of bonus content, while I was working on this sketch the other day, she did a couple of her own of her perspective on how she sometimes looks/feels these days, and she thought we should post those too, in the name of balance and "accuracy," as it were.

1 comment:

  1. I have tears. And choking.

    (I think it's the look of distain next to the toilet hovering).