Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- 23 January 2011

Time for more Sunday Sketches!  Today, like I said last week, I did some gesture studies of the male figure.  I felt especially inspired after going to a former BYU animation teacher's excellent figure drawing exhibit on campus this week (It runs until 29 January!  Go!)--it brought back a lot of great memories of spending long hours with a huge newsprint pad, a piece of Conté crayon and a live model.  As I did these drawings, it kind of surprised me as I went along to find that some of the poses and sketches seemed a little more detailed and less simple than those in the female study, but it makes sense that they would look and feel different from each other since the male and female forms really are so different in shape and gesture.
I really enjoyed doing this little series, and I think I'll have to make figure studies a more regular practice.

J did some drawings this week as well, and I will turn the time over to her to explain.

Yes, so, I did some stuff this week.  I started off the day with a couple of ugly things, which was really frustrating.  So I decided to start over again and draw some clothes, like I used to do in my note margins in school.  I had some success with those so I moved on to some heads, as usual.  They're all my own peeps, from something I like to call "Long Story."  And...that is all I will say about them, except that I am pleased.  Also I will say that I wish drawing clothes would make them real.  Dang.
A bientot!

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