Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- 9 January 2011

And now, we present our first edition of what we call Sunday Sketches, a continuing series of drawings to be posted weekly.  In school I had teachers who recommended we keep our sketchbooks with us at all times, including (especially?) during church.  Some people think this would be a distraction from listening to speakers and lessons, but drawing actually helps you focus on what you're listening to (and there are plenty of free live models handy).  So, we usually bring our sketchbooks with us, and we hope to post samples of what we work on each week.  Sometimes they relate to things we've done or movies we've watched that week, and sometimes they're just character or figure studies.

D's Sunday sketches:

I have lately introduced J to Daria, a TV show that my sister and I enjoyed for many years.  This collage started as a drawing of a couple of the main characters and then I decided to draw them in my own style.  It was fun to see them in a different way, and I like how they turned out. 

J's Sunday sketches:

Today I was despairing over the fact that lately I seem to draw everyone exactly the same--what can I say, I like the safe option.  But safe is not progress!  And since D is so helpful, he suggested I try drawing people and exaggerating a particular feature and push it as much as I could.  So he gave me the task of noses, which was really fun and a lot more successful than I was anticipating.  After that he told me to try drawing people with ovals as the basis for their head shapes, as you can see at the bottom (poor lemon-headed boy...).  The rest were ones I just did at the end.  Doesn't the fellow at the bottom look rich?

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