Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Sketches -- 30 January 2011

Yesterday was Sunday, so we did some sketches!

Although I so enjoyed doing figure studies the last couple weeks, I felt like doing some original characters.  It's fun to throw down a bunch of characters, and to try to make them look interesting and individual.
Then, since I seem to feel like drawing Rapunzel characters at pretty much any and every opportunity these days, I did a few of those.  I'll post some fanart-type drawings sometime soon, but I wanted to show some OCs this time.

J also did some original characters this week:
I pretty much picked up where I left off last Sunday with my own peeps.  Later on I drew a couple of Harry Potter characters and actually did some bodies.  I mention this because I have been stuck on the bust drawings for, well, a long time now.  Maybe next week I'll shake things up a little more and draw past the neckline.  Nothing like drawing figures to keep me humble!

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